True Obstacle or True Opportunity? You May Be Surprised!

Wood Element Resonance RepatterningIt’s finally starting to feel like springtime here in Massachusetts! Ah Spring, the season of growth, change, new beginnings and opportunities  — the perfect time for accessing your vision, setting goals, making plans and seizing new opportunities.

But sometimes your best laid plans don’t work out the way that you want. This is where the Wood Element energy comes into play. When you make a plan, set a goal, and commit to it, you set into motion powerful universal forces. But these energies don’t work in a linear fashion. And this can make it hard to tell whether you’re faced with a true obstacle or a true opportunity.

You see, gifts from the universe often come in strange wrapping paper. What you perceive as your worst set-back, may in fact turn out to be your greatest opportunity.  Unplanned, unexpected and unpredictable events are Wood Element gifts. What you do with these synchronicities and surprises —  your response —  makes all the difference.

Do you tend to:

• Give up in frustration saying, “It just wasn’t meant to be?”

• Lose hope and take it as “a sign from the Universe” that your big idea wasn’t so great after all?

• Go into overwhelm, over-work, resistance and stress, frantically trying to figure out what to do next?

Or… Do you…

•  Use your unlimited creativity to refine your vision?

•  See beyond the obstacle to your new opportunity? 

•  Maintain your commitment and focus?

•  Move into new beginnings with hope and confidence?

When you are aligned with the positive qualities of the Wood Element you see the opportunity in every problem. You recognize that there is a force greater than yourself that is nudging you beyond what you could initially envision. You enjoy the mystery of unexpected changes in direction, and you adjust accordingly. You’re not afraid to experiment and try new approaches. Rather than fixating on one limited outcome, you enjoy the process of profound growth, learning and undreamed of possibilities. In other words life becomes fun and achieving your goals is a blast!

The good news is that in the Chinese Five Element system Spring is the high energy time for the Wood Element. So now is the perfect time to align with these Wood Element qualities. Think of aligning with the Chinese Five Elements as Feng Shui for your energy field.

To help you do this effortlessly you can join the Attuning to Natural Cycles Repatterning remote, distance, energy healing proxy group for the Wood Element!

When you join this proxy group session you will move into resonance with the positive qualities of the Wood Element to support your decisiveness, wise decision making, focus, vision, goal-setting, discernment, hope and optimism. Click here to register.

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  1. As the liver is part of the same wood energy, it is not surprising that the liver is the internal organ most sensitive to obstruction of qi. Liver qi needs an atmosphere (within and without the body) of harmonious movement, free flow, suppleness and flexibility, the characteristics associated with a healthy wood element and a healthy liver, Any symptoms of an impaired liver will bear opposite characteristics.

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