What does it take to be a Master at Manifesting?

Equinox Repatterning for the Metal ElementIf you listened to the last Gateway to Grace call you learned some powerful exercises to keep your manifestation circuit clean – especially your Pelvic Chakra. In fact, you learned a lot about the chakra system as it relates to setting intentions and manifesting.

What we didn’t cover was how your Meridian System also affects your ability to manifest.

This got me thinking about the Metal Element qualities because here in the Northern Hemisphere we’ll be moving into the Metal Element energy on the upcoming Autumn Equinox.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m talking to you, too, because you’ll be moving into the Wood Element energy on your Spring Equinox. Your Wood Element needs strong Metal Element energy to keep you focused so you don’t get distracted with too many creative ideas or get overwhelmed with the possibilities.

You see, Metal energy cuts through the confusion and helps you stay focused on what’s important to you. If you’ve ever been side-tracked with too many ideas or not sure which step to take next, then you can appreciate the importance of what I’m saying.

Aligning with the Metal Element supports you in:

– Letting go of what you no longer need;

– Staying focused on your true values and going for what is most important to you;

– Maintaining your connection to the divine, especially in the midst of difficulties;

– Feeling worthy and deserving of the highest blessings.

If you’ve ever suffered from “shiny object syndrome” – being distracted from your goal and  veering off on dead-end tangents then you know how this sabotages your ability to manifest.

What can you do? Align with the positive qualities of the Metal Element to:

– Let go of distractions and things that take you off task,

– Commit to intentions that are aligned with your true purpose and values,

– Connect to your divine power as a spiritual being here on planet earth

If you’d like some help aligning with the power of the Metal Element join my Equinox Repatterning and use the powerful process of Resonance Repatterning to strengthen your manifesting muscle!

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