Just a quick note to let you know these sessions are really working!!! I had no idea proxy sessions worked this quickly or hugely.

So I just wanted to let you know where I am with everything since last month. So we had a flood that cleared out all of my living room furniture except my beloved happy piano. OurTV etc., were full of water so had to be replaced. My husband decided all on his own that it was time to replace them before even getting the insurance check – he hates using credit but for this he wanted to. So we got a much nicer beautiful TV.  My direct TV box got damaged so I needed a new one.  Six months ago I tried to upgrade my box and they would not do it unless I gave them $200. I just ordered the new one for free due to a promotion they are having. We will get a $ 20,000 check from insurance for furniture of which we will spend @$5000 to get replacement items we need and want. Net $1,5000 which will pay off most credit cards. I set an intention in October that I wanted to pay all credit cards off by December 2011. How about sooner? Then several of my repatterning books got damaged and I’ve been saying I wanted the new books for awhile. So now I will get them. Also I finally have had the funds to schedule a 3 day retreat with my friend to do my 1st degree Reiki attunement. Right before my cruise I said to myself that my house really needs cleaning and I was so stressed about not having enough money to pay someone for help. If I get credit cards paid off I have enough for someone to come weekly which is ideal.

Thank you universe, thank you Liz for the powerful sessions. I am still amazed at how this process really works. Thank you for being a powerful catalyst for change in my life .

Love and hugs,

~ April Smith-Gonzales, Florida

Since the repatterning started, I’ve had many life changes that have come so quickly it’s like riding a wave. I overcame my fear of selling my jewelry and did my very first craft show. While my sales were not very good, I accomplished so much just to be there. I was very excited. I’ve lost 11 1/2 inches in the last two month (yea!!) and I’ve moved to a new townhouse twice the size of my previous apartment with a 2 car garage with all bills paid including hi-def cable for only $200 a month and the landlord didn’t want to harge me a pet deposit because he loves dogs. What!!! that never happens I can’t even begin to count the number of blessings I’ve had in the last few weeks. I’m in a position to be able to take another vacation in December. (I’m the one that hadn’t taken a vacation in years) and I feel really hopeful. I wanted to thank you and share my blessings with you. Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful Holiday from your friend in Oklahoma.

~ Shaneen Gibble

After just one session, Liz has convinced me of her ability to transform people’s lives. I’d started out with some skepticism and an “if it doesn’t work, it won’t harm” attitude, especially being interested in the second session. I didn’t think the first session would have much of a effect on me since I didn’t relate to the money slave archetype.

This changed right after reading and answering the pre-session questions Liz sent me. She helped me become aware of one of my weakest points that I wasn’t aware of.

Right the same day of the session I started to notice positive changes both inside as outside of me. My boss who used to be on my back, suddenly became supportive and told me I was working too hard. He even offered to take over some of my task, which I happily accepted. My life partner is amazed about seeing me plan holidays, time off and lots of play. I find it much easier to set work aside, feel in control instead of being slave of my job and I think that, for the first time in my life, I’m really going to enjoy a holiday instead of keep thinking about work. I feel I can breath and relax.

Liz’s Resonance Repatterning is definitly one of the best tools I’ve come across and absolutely the best value for money ever. The result of this first session alone was worth the total fee of all the sessions together. Thanks a million, Liz. I just can’t wait to have the second session.


~ Dominique Van Echelpoel, Spain

Since your last session I feel totally shifted. Have reverted to warm, loving, calm mother (as opposed to me being very irritable with the children) and also am fine-tuning work and now offering my healing to groups.

All the best and much love and appreciation for the great work that you do.

~ Elaine M., Ireland

Hi Liz

Just to let you know I am feeling so good after the last Clearing Family Patterns session. My cloudy and scary feelings about my mother are gone and I was even able to visit her on Saturday and stayed home on Sunday taking care of myself and my needs, no guilt no shame, feels healthy! I feel so much more grounded and empowered to make the changes I want to make and in deciding about my life according to my needs and experience.

Thanks and Blessings,

~ Raquel Goussot, Venezuela

Liz, I have been doing the Ultimate Well Being proxy groups for some time and the effects have been profound, though sometimes subtle. I have to tell you that the results of the last session on Rejuvenating Sleep have been amazing. My intention, despite years of insomnia, was to fall asleep within 15 minutes, stay asleep all night and awake rejuvenated. I had a hard time believing this could even be possible.

It felt like a miracle when the night of the repatterning and every night thereafter, I have been able to fall asleep quickly and am rested in the morning. Wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Helen, California

Hi Liz,

I wanted you to know that I was hiking while you were doing this session or right after. I had taken a vacation day from work. I was walking along having one of my neurotic health fear attacks and spontaneously, I started sending love to my body especially certain parts that I was worried about. I felt almost immediately better and have been able to consistently evoke a similar love for my body/self easily. Thanks very much!

~ Christine, Washington

Thank you Elizabeth for last night.  One of my brothers was murdered in 1990. Although separated by 4 years he was my twin, emotionally and karmically attached. Unlike my 2 other brothers who are both very mental, Anthony was an intuitive heart. A real character who never hurt anyone except himself. Much of the anger surrounding that incident has been acknowledged and released.

Thank you,

~ Kevin, New York

Hi Liz!

Thank you so much for the amazing repatterning session. I immediately noticed feeling lighter, more optimistic, more centered and in my own power. I thought of my mother-issues, or rather tried to, and felt completely neutral. I could not get that “burn in my solar plexus” or pain in my heart chakra to return, no matter how hard I tried to think of the issues or re-experience instances in my imagination.

I had an email from the mother of my nephew (my brother’s long-time girlfriend) where normally the words she used in the email would have “set me off,” but again, they seemed neutral to me. This is significant, because the protective mechanisms I had developed against virtually all females as a result of the mother issues have significantly impacted my interactions with most females in my life. The conversation with my “sister in-law” was the first indication that this defense/reaction-formation might have been healed.

So far, two days after the session, I feel like I can see things with objectivity, without painful emotion. Even though I am still aware of the behavior, it is easier to see things more clearly. For instance I realized (like one of the forum posters did) that I might have been sabotaging my successes to maintain peace and emotional “safety” in the only way I thought I knew how. I had no idea, all this time, that I might have been doing that. It is like a billboard now, so obvious!

Before the session I already had some perspective on what was going on with my mother issues, even that it was in our DNA/family patterns, and had come to terms with that, but I had not been able to release the hold it still had on my current behavior, nor the emotional pull and power it had to keep me in these patterns of reaction.

I also got some perspective on how my sister was caught up in all of this as well, and how it had put so much unnecessary pressure on our relationship as we were growing up and as adults. The day after the repatterning, I had a conversation with my sister that felt totally different. I felt no cautiousness in my words, nor skepticism toward either what she was saying or her motives. I took her words for what they were, still realized she had reasons for saying what she did, but again did not form a physical (solar plexus) or cognitive reaction (defensive posture) to them, but instead received her words from a clear, objective perspective.

I am still processing, and though I feel so much better, and no longer feel “attached’ to the issues, I am still sorting them out. I am aware that things may come up over the days and weeks following the repatterning… but it kind of feels now like it is finally “out” of me. This is monumental, because when the primary figure for nurturing and survival for a human child is instead a source of pain, it seems nearly impossible that one could “get over” it. But it truly feels now that I have done so, thanks to this repatterning session! I only wish I had been able to do so before my mother passed away nearly a decade ago, so that she could feel the same relief and release that I am now feeling! I hope that somewhere, somehow, that she, and her mother, are doing so as well, since there is really “no time, no distance,” in the Universe!

One last thing… it feels like my solar plexus and heart chakra have been to a “spa day.” They are right now happily spinning like mad, like the “mother issue” cobwebs have been cleaned out for good! Thank you so much!

~ P.O. , Oregon

Dear Elizabeth,

The Healing Your Mother Wound session was really powerful for me, I have been processing so had to wait awhile before writing to you. After a couple of days I felt so amazing, lighter and full of energy, it was as if I had moved from driving a very small car and moved into a large and powerful limo I felt almost out of control on a couple of accessions. You may remember I did the whole year with you last year, I did not feel I could afford it this year, however the universe had very different ideas for me and I kept going back to read the intro until I just opted in the day you did it, really energy versus rationale.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart as I feel such a lot has shifted, can’t explain it as usual but it has definitely happened. Now I can access my Dad, couldn’t get a sense of him before as Mum took precedence.

Love and blessings

~ Jackie D.

Hi Elizabeth,

This session was deeply moving for me. As I read, I could feel energy moving through and of out my body. The session also brought to the forefront a lot of memories (3yrs old specifically) that I had forgotten and/or didn’t realize had caused me so much pain. Since the session I have felt calmer and more at peace. I am rising earlier in the morning and am in good spirits.

I am very impressed with the work that you do. It is so cutting edge, thorough, and cleanses at a very deep level. Thank you so much, and I’ve been thanking the Universe for our meeting through cyberspace!

In love and gratitude,

~ Shelli L Speaks


Somehow I will find a way to repay you some day. Last night I experienced the impact of the theme of “Swimming” that came up in the group session the other night. Of course, at the time, I didn’t get what swimming could mean to me.

Last night at 3:00 in the morning I was journaling. At such times, I often have a very heavy, intense image of feeling stuck in the earth or at the bottom of the ocean, as if I can never move from such a state if I wanted to, but also there is a deep resistance in me to move from it. In this state, I am disconnected from human beings. I have resented that no one could save me from it, yet part of me doesn’t want to be saved.

Anyway, last night, I felt the gravity of it more than ever. I became conscious that it was not human to inhale so much water—pure grief. I realized for the first time I could swim up to the surface of the water, but this time, my parents—who have been gone for many, many years—would be there at the surface. I envisioned that I made it to the surface and I felt myself able to be with my mother and father floating on top of the vast ocean in a peaceful togetherness. I felt how waterlogged (with grief) I had been and then I felt more peace with them than I have ever known.

It was a huge breakthrough for my spirit after so many years of being alone and unable to form close relationships and a life. I could see so clearly how my grief over my parents has kept me buried and unable to live my life. But I got to experience a plane with them, a union or knowing, that my heart has wanted more deeply than I knew.

I had to swim up to do it. I hadn’t had the will before.

Elizabeth, how do I thank you? I have learned that any work with you is always profound somehow, but this was more precious than anything I can think of.

Thank you and I wish you many blessings,

~ Gina

Blessings, Elizabeth, I really feel the power in this one. Also, my brothers and I had a face to face business meeting Wednesday for the first time since my father died, almost three years ago! The miracle was also that it was civil and pleasant!

Blessings and love,

~ Marianne, Arkansas

This is great! I felt an instant shift and pick-me-up. What a Blessing for Humanity.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

~ Loretta Peters-Martin

Hi Elizabeth,

I experienced such a shift with this repatterning. I just turned 30, and I have never felt unsafe before. I usually feel angels and helpers all around me. Recently, there has been a string of events in my midst causing me concern, including a midnight intrusion at a neighbor’s house on my block, a suspicious car stopping alongside my garage when I arrived home late one night causing me to jump into my garage and lock the door until they left, and an increase in Detroit men committing crimes in our suburb next to Detroit. All of this has been very unsettling in a matter of weeks.

Since this repatterning, I immediately felt a shift in my centeredness, in my heart, and in my flow in natural law. As I read your proxy report, I felt safe in my body, as if everything lined up perfectly to keep me in the right place at the right time, and empowering me to realize my divine role in this midst of turmoil. I feel I am now radiating a calm stability that is creating harmony instead of adding to chaos and disharmony.

Thank you and many blessings to you!

~ Erin W.

Thanks for this Liz. I did not realize that I would get so much personal benefit from it. I am feeling grounded and stable in a powerful expression of the love that I am…as if remembering what was always True.


~ Len Satov

Dear Liz,

Thank You so very much for your expertise and elegance in facilitating my session last night. It was fascinating to watch it unfold. I feel more expansive today and lighter, yes I danced this morning !!

~ Lin Oliver

Hello Liz,

Thank you so much for tonigh’ts repatterning session. I’m the one who came on the phone at the end and spoke of the attempted murder I went through. What I didn’t add was that he stalked me for six years afterwards and I slowly found myself isolating myself in little ways that lead to me shutting down all that I am for the most part and missing me in my ”full out” tendency of expression. Tonight I get to crawl into my big bed with such a gentleness in my soul and whole being looking forward to walking out my door tomorrow and being ”loud and proud” like I use to be. It’s not a thought, it’s a full body feeling/ expression. Thank you is not enough. I look forward to sharing more time with all who are guided together to share in this journey with you. God bless you.

Much love and many blessings,

~ Ariel

Hi Elizabeth,

I would like to give you a short feedback on the last session:

After the session the following three days there was a kind of difficult cleansing process, i.e. some strong detoxification with strong headache on the left side of my head and at the base of the skull where the spine joins the head, lighter diarrhea, great tiredness while being mentally wide awake at the same time. I had a vivid dream of a meeting with a so-called spiritual teacher some 30 years ago. I hadn’t thought of this for years and before the session I had thought of some more obvious traumas in the past. During the experience with this long ago event, I realized that I had stored it so deep down in my body and that from there deep down it had influenced my approach to spirituality by feeling deeply insecure.

I had had a short sexual relationship with this man about 30 years older and it awakened a great longing within which was not at all personal, but since it was tied to this experience with this man it was kind of difficult to handle. I left him, I clearly saw that I was the third in a row, he had relationships with two other women, one 20 years older than me, one ten, and both doing everything for him….. He making them both dependen on him…. I did not want to end up like that… The important point is, that after the session, I could for the first time see it clearly, i.e. I could clearly face it and then recognize it as something that had had its own life within me… Many thanks for that. By now the physical symptoms are gone and I feel free to express my love and my passion without fear.

~ Ingrid, Germany

Dear Liz –

Last Saturday, I was on a wonderful, meandering walk in nature, listening to the recorded episode on repatterning for fear. I resonated with much of what those on the call shared about their fears, and I was surprised when the subject then turned to…sex! It was uncannily relevant for me, as this area of my life has been hampered by some emotional and physical stressors lately, causing much frustration and disappointment. I did the meditation on sexual symbolism with you all and enjoyed it, along with others’ responses.

Well. Let me just say that it reawakened dormant energies in me and has led to a pretty great few days since then (my husband is appreciative, too). I’ve also felt more flirtatious and more open to love, appreciation and fun!

So thanks! I look forward to continued listening, and thank you for generously offering your work in this way.

~ Casey McAnn

Dear Ms. Tobin,

Thank you so much for the Repatterning for Safety. I went to bed at 8pm last night, and slept until 8am this morning. I must have been integrating the new energy! Today I felt as if I were ready for a truly intimate relationship (I’ve spent most of my life being afraid of men), a new thought which felt normal and natural and yet part of me was standing back in pleased astonishment. I find I am reaching inside myself to access the love I’ve always wanted from another — to truly feel the actual source of all love, power, connection, freedom…within. I feel calmer, settled, and fully alive. Suddenly, all that I’ve ever wanted feels possible. I’ve spent most of today laughing…not trying to self-generate optimism when what I was really feeling was worry and anxiety, but instead, just actually laughing because I feel joy.

~ Jennifer Cochrane, California

Hi Elizabeth,

One of the most incredible shifts I have noticed about myself since our last session is that I am expressings what I want very clearly and without hesitantion, instead of mentally wondering what the other wants and going with that I am feeling more confident to express what I want to do as well.

It’s great, thankyou so much….and it’s growing.


~ Jackie Draysey, England

I have noticed some interesting shifts that I wanted to share from last week’s family healing….

The first was that I woke up Saturday morning from a deep sleep around 3:00 am to go to the washroom. Upon awaking, I was aware that my spirit and guides were “working” on me to integrate the shifts that had occurred.

The second shift was my son (who I have a close relationship with) has started to talk about his dreams – one which is to play sledge hockey again – played when he was quite young.

The third – was a client at work – who has a severe developmental disability, does not speak and has behavioural challenges – biting, hitting. She came into my office today and was looking at the items I have on display – mini elephants, suckers, etc. After touching some items – she reached out and grabbed me to hug me close and give me a big wet kiss on the cheek. Her workers’ mouth just dropped. This client has pretty much ignored me the past 2 months whenever I have said hello while passing by. For her to come into my office, hug and kiss me – well, we are not quite sure what happened.

All I can say is that I will be signing up for another session next month.

I think my only disappointment with the proxy process – is that there is no recording to listen to as well. I find I get quite a bit out of the sessions I have listened to in your monthly archive sessions. Other than this minor disappointment, I am pleased with the results to date.

Thank you for the blessings and the healing.


~ Sylvia

Since joining your program, my work has gotten busier and my reputation seems to be expanding more rapidly. I have also embarked on a food combining program to shift weight which is working. So good news all round.

~ E.M., Ireland

Hi Liz,

Thank you, I did notice today that I feel more joyful and playful just with myself.

I have recently stopped seeing someone and was a bit drained, everyday seems better & better as I know now that I deserve nothing but the best, and the experience with this person was just like my experience with my Brother at the age of 5 & 6 sexual abuse etc., so it call came up and out it’s took a year but now I’m free.

Thank you for all you do.


~ Vanda, Germany

The last few months I have been feeling down, overwhelmed by work, feeling like I have been withdrawing from all of the things that used to be fun in my life. I have been happier since the repatterning. I feel a lot lighter. I have been working for years at overcoming negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Last fall things started to fall apart and I couldn’t manage to clear the negativity. I tried but I just couldn’t resonate with empowering frequencies. It has only been a few days since the repatterning but since then I have been feeling much better. I was feeling like I was in way over my head at work, we have a huge project with more work than can possibly get done by the deadline. I just found out that we are getting additional help. I don’t have to do it all myself!

~ Julie M.

Good morning Liz

Hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to let you know this proxy session was powerful. My ego thought it knew what the results would be. However, upon reading the report I realized this process allows spirit to talk to me. I just need to set my ego and expectations aside and let spirit have “the floor”.

Thanks for the blessings Liz.

~ Sylvia W., Calgary Canada

Liz. Thank you so much. I feel 10 pounds lighter from releasing all of that old junk. I so appreciate and value the gifts you and the Resonance Repatterning work are. To be able to be so honest, so cared for and nurtured while go through some of the ugliest emotions I have harbored has helped me transform deep pain into tremendous joy and freedom.

From the bottom of my heart and soul- Thank You

~ Alecia Evans, Colorado

Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful the session this week was for me. Each morning since, I have woken up, rolled over, and realized I was smiling!!!!! It has been such a shift for me it has been wonderful. The session touched upon some topics which were very deep for me. It feels like the vicious circle has been broken with the shifting. It always amazes me how so many people can be involved and yet it has such meaning for everyone involved. It is fantastic how it can work like that.

Thank you so much for your help.


~ Michelle, Massachusetts

Dear Liz,

I was not able to participate in real time this time, because I was hiking with friends in the Adirondacks and staying in a hut with no phone, electricity, etc. However I connected with the group energy in intention. When I came back, I could not believe how relevant the issues were to me, and how anything I could have possibly mentioned has been covered. I have seen new possibilities opening up and shifts in my and my family energies.

Thank you thank you thank you. Things are moving fast and deep these days, thanks for your beautiful support.


~ Marie-Odile

My experience during the proxy group came as quite a surprise. I wasn’t certain that I was actually participating and expected that nothing would happen. I read the weekly reports with curiosity, not understanding much of what Elizabeth was doing and documenting.

Several weeks into the program, I was given a promotion and raise at work (my annual review was only 5 months ago and such action is very unusual at my company). Then, I came upon a means that will enable me to eliminate all my debt before the end of the year. And a few weeks later, I discovered an opportunity for a very lucrative part-time job to supplement my income.

Completely unimaginable in the past, owning a home and true financial freedom are now very real for me. I feel that all of these developments during the program are much more than coincidences and I look forward to experiencing quantum shifts in other areas of my life in future Holographic Repatterning programs!

~A.S., Massachusetts

I started my own business during the proxy group. It was not even outwardly initiated by me actively, a company that I work with a lot as a freelancer asked me to take on larger projects as a vendor. At first, I was a bit apprehensive, and then I realized that it felt so right to be taking that step. I would love to sign up for another re patterning workshop. I felt a general sense of well being and contentment during that time. And I certainly have more money in my bank account than when we started!

Thanks so much,


Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for your work. Abundance has been coming forward i.e., paper work and application for higher credentialing for New York State social work status. This will allow me to do consulting and perhaps private practice. Dad is doing better than in the past. He has a more positive frame of mind and physically looks better.

Again thank you.


I participated in the Wealth Group. I did not read the reports in detail, but looked them over and I did do the “positive action” if there was one. Two shifts occurred for me during this time.

The first was my worry about money issues stopped. I began to have a new perspective and to realize how much abundance is in my life already and to feel thankful. My financial situation did not change, but I felt SO much better! The worry had been taking a big toll on me, more than I realized. I feel so much more relaxed about money issues now.

In the beginning of June I received an inspiration during my meditation time relating to my work as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I feel really good about this idea and I feel confident about carrying it out. I feel confident that this work will be fulfilling for me and financially rewarding as well. I am very grateful for Elizabeth’s dedicated work on behalf of our group. Holographic Repatterning is truly Oneness at work!

~S.K., Kingston, MA

I had not done any of the positive actions and one day I decided I’d better start reading them in order to participate in the shifts. I have a nasty cat and I have asthma. I don’t brush or pet her that often because I’m afraid I’ll have an asthma attack or that she will bite me. One day it was hot and she was really shedding, so I starting brushing her and she was very receptive (usually she bites me). Then I read the positive action for the week and it was to make contact with an animal. So that made me really trust the process, even if I don’t read it, the positive actions find their way into your life.

~DP, New York, NY

Hi Elizabeth,

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you. I feel my inner and outer world has expanded in a creative, nurturing and joyous way. I know that I am safe and financially secure. What I need is available to me when I need it. My life partner may not yet realize this and may still worry and that is OK. He may need to hold onto that fear. At the same time, he seems to be more motivated to become active again in pursuing his passion (helping students learn) at 85. So, who knows?

Thank you again.

~L.M., Massachusetts

Hello Elizabeth,

Just wanted to drop you a line in regard to results from the Wealth program we have just been through. I am a life coach by profession and am interested in many healing modalities. After starting the program with you and the group, I was approached by a friend who wanted to know if I would be interested in starting an investment company with her and a friend (who is a realtor)-this was an invitation “out of the blue”.

Well, we did get started and purchased our first property which has increased in value $25,000 – this is very interesting because I am also an astrologer and the indications for a future path that would be beneficial for me is connected to the sign of Taurus which is also connected to real estate – property mainly! The funny thing about this is that I would have never considered doing something like this on my own – it just fell into my lap.

Over the last 100 days I have enjoyed reading the reports about all the different healing modalities employed – thank you for hosting and doing the work.


Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for this experience. I was always worried about my financial future, and was extremely miserable all the time. During the past couple of months, I have spent freely, and without fear, and things are still ok, and I have a feeling I will keep generating what I need. warmest regards,

~S.H. Rhode Island