What Is Resonance Repatterning®?
Coherence and Non-Coherence
Origins of Non-Coherence
Problems Are Signs of Growth
The Importance of Changing Your Resonance
Kinesiology – Key to the Process


Resonance Repatterning®, also called Holographic Repatterning®, is a process that enables you to create positive change in any area of your life where you experience limitation. It is a form of energy healing that allows you to shift what you’re resonating with — effortlessly. This means that you automatically respond differently to situations and begin to attract new scenarios and opportunities into your life. Because Resonance Repatterning works on principles of quantum physics, it can be done from a distance, in groups by remote distance healing proxy , one-on-one; and you can even do it on yourself.

Resonance Repatterning is based on principles of new physics and psychology, as well as ancient healing practices. It is a synthesis of many energy-healing modalities – including the Chinese five-element theory of the meridians and acupuncture and the Ayurvedic theory of the chakras. It was developed by Chloe Wordsworth, who started out as an acupuncturist and then went on to study polarity, cranio-sacral therapy, kinesiology, and vibrational healing with sound, color, and light, as well as physics and psychology.

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In Resonance Repatterning, we speak of your energy patterns as being either non-coherent or coherent. Using the Resonance Repatterning process for positive change, you transform the non-coherent into coherence. If you think of a regular light bulb, the light it emits is soft and diffuse. The photons, or light particles, are not organized, but random – what physicists call non-coherent. In contrast, with a laser beam, the photons are highly organized and all moving in the same direction, so you get a very powerful energy source that can literally cut through matter. This is what physicists call coherence.

When the wave patterns that make up your body/mind/spirit system are coming together in an organized way (coherence) you experience more energy, joy, health, and well-being and automatically move towards what is life-enhancing for you. When the wave patterns are diffuse or disorganized (non-coherence) you experience problems and limitation in your life.

Using Resonance Repatterning, we can create coherent patterns in your energy field, which you then experience as greater ease in manifesting what you want, whether it is greater prosperity, better health and relationships, more fulfilling work, a sense of relaxation and well-being, etc.

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Your non-coherence comes from not getting your needs met in the way you needed them to be met, so you developed coping mechanisms or patterns to get you through those earlier times when you didn’t get what you needed. From these earlier experiences, you formed beliefs and perceptions about yourself, other people, and what is possible for you in the world.

In Resonance Repatterning, we don’t talk in terms of “negative” and “positive” because those coping mechanisms you developed were actually good things at the time you needed them. But as you continue on in your life, those old coping mechanisms or patterns may no longer be needed.

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In fact, the problems you experience in the present are signs that you’ve outgrown those old patterns and are ready to transform your resonance with the non-coherent beliefs and perceptions. Some of the books on working with your “shadow side” do a good job of describing how your non-coherent patterns develop and how they create a problem if they are not dealt with.

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Until you change our resonance, your non-coherent energy patterns will continue to be activated throughout your life, causing you problems and keeping you in limitation.

In one behavioral research experiment, fish were put in a tank that was partitioned off, giving them access to only a small area. After a while, the partition was removed, allowing the fish to swim about the entire tank. The fish, however, continued to stay in the limited space to which they had become accustomed.

We, too, limit ourselves based on our previous experiences, even though our logical mind tells us that these experiences have long since past. Changing what you resonate with frees you to access a wider range of choices, positive experiences and outcomes.

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Resonance Repatterning is an empowering process that goes to the source of ANY problem. What makes it so powerful is the use of Kinesiology, or muscle checking, to identify very specifically what the issues are, what patterns are holding the problem in place, AND what is needed to create coherence in your body/mind/spirit system – in other words, what is needed to change the pattern so you experience a positive outcome.

Kinesiology, or muscle checking, is a form of biofeedback that gives you access to the wisdom of your whole body/mind/spirit system. Using the strength or weakness of a muscle as a response, we can identify the non-coherent wave patterns (earlier experiences, limiting beliefs and perceptions) that you are resonating with and the coherent wave patterns that you are not resonating with (intentions, goals, and aspirations.)

Oftentimes, your non-coherent patterns are hidden from your consciousness. Muscle checking is a way to by-pass the censoring of the mind. It taps into the deep inner knowing of your entire body/mind/spirit system, bringing to light our unconscious patterns so you can shift our resonance with them.

Muscle checking is a binary response system that gives one of two answers, which, in Resonance Repatterning, we call ON or OFF. By asking a series of questions and using the muscle checking to get the response from your entire system, not just your conscious brain, we can zero in on exactly what you  need to make lasting, positive change. Through muscle checking, Resonance Repatterning gets to the heart of any problem, whether physical, emotional, mental or on the spirit level.

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