Why Is New Year’s Such a Powerful Time to Set Intentions?

Resonance Repatterning New Years IntentionsAre you excited about 2015? Not sure about you, but I’m still wishing people a Happy New Year. I love New Year’s when people the world over focus on positive change and new possibilities. Sure it’s just a day on the calendar, so why is New Year’s such a powerful time to set intentions and think about what you want to bring into your life?

I’m sure it’s because so many people add their dreams to this time, and together humanity creates a HUGE field of attraction to support all of our positive intentions. That’s what makes this time of year so potent. (If you haven’t yet added yours to the mix, you may want to tap into this huge energy and do that soon!)

This is a quick post to share with you some reflections and let you know what’s been going on in my life.

I’ve been thinking about the things I want to accomplish in my business this year. My Resonance Repatterning practice took a little bit of a back seat these last few years while I focused on some really big personal goals. I’m thrilled to share them with you, below. Now, having accomplished what I desired, I’m excited to get back to my business.

Personally, I had always wanted to live closer to the ocean. So when I turned 50 in 2012 I asked myself, “What am I waiting for? Why delay living my dream any longer?” (Can you relate to that at all?)

So my husband, James, and I left our cozy Boston apartment of 15 years and moved to the beach. I have to tell you that moving is a BIG pain in the butt! But, alas, the call of the ocean was stronger than the gravitational pull of my comfort zone. I can say it was well worth the process.

We found the perfect house to rent that was within walking distance of one of my favorite beaches here in Eastern Massachusetts.

Then last year we bought the perfect house for us. It’s only about 150 yards from the ocean AND not in a flood zone, if you can believe that. What an ordeal it was buying this house! (I’ll tell you that story in my next post.)

The house was a real fixer-upper so we spent the better part of 2014 fixing it up. We named our new dream home “Heart Song Cottage.” And after months of manual labor, we finally moved in, in October of 2014.

Looking back, that was a lot of change we packed into 2 years!

So, now that we’re settled into our new home, I’m ready to focus on my Resonance Repatterning practice again. I have a number of goals I want to achieve and a couple of long-awaited plans that I’m finally ready to put into action. (I will definitely be telling you more about these as the year progresses.)

But my PRIMARY intention is to feel lighter, freer and more joyful as I consistently keep taking my next right action. This is going to be a nice internal shift that will keep me moving forward.

And as you’re looking at your goals for this year, I suggest that you also stay focused on the feeling state, too, because your feelings drive the manifestation process. If you’re stressed, in overwhelm or struggle it really slows things down. But when you’re relaxed, confident and joyful it’s like grease on an engine – it just runs smoothly.

I’m done with pushing, prodding and stressing myself into action. This year my passion and purpose are my primary motivators. And I wish the same for you!

Whether you want to take better care of yourself, create a loving couples relationship, grow your income or you just want to feel more joyful, alive and vital, may your passion and purpose infuse all that you do in 2015!

Wishing you blessings and a Happy New Year all year long,


P.S. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to. What are your goals and desires for 2015? Post them below in the comments and let’s create a HUGE field of attraction, together, for their manifestation!


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