Video Interview with Chloe Wordsworth

Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Founder of Resonance Repatterning explains this empowering process, what it is, how it works and how it can help you.

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  1. Randall Cancel says:

    I looked at Chloe Woodsworths video web blog about holographic repaterning.And realized all along that i have to get a session paid for but dont know wer to start i sufferd head injury that made me have scitsophrenia then a stroke im well now but need a practitioner to fix the cranial rings in my sacrum nd then i can have oral surgery without that im sill gonna need a dentist to do a root cannal and pull that tooth out then go and pull out a widom tooth that is lying down rotting that tooth did not break through the skin and is layind down the next one to it and then another one on the other side of that tooth than fix the teeth in the sides.From having an operation here at stony brook Long Island for a stroke they put a bolt pacement on me ,then en i went to a nursing home to recover fore two and a years, then i was let out.please send info for a practicioner trained on hollographic reppaterning fore my area,thank you!

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