How We Bought Our Dream Home by the Sea – A Study in the Water Element


Resonance Repatterning Water Element

We named the house Heart Song Cottage. This pic is after we bought it and fixed it up

Have you ever had an experience where you felt thwarted by obstacles, only to find that in retrospect you got just what you needed?

Well, how my husband and I got our dream home near the ocean is one of those stories. You’d think because I do Resonance Repatterning, and we’re both experts at identifying and removing energy blocks, that buying a house would flow effortlessly for us. But I have to tell you we had anything but smooth sailing!

Since this story’s main events happened in the wintertime – the time of the Water Element energy in the Chinese Five Elements system – I’ve sprinkled this story with the different Water Element qualities. Some are positive and some are negative. I’ve bolded these qualities so you can begin to see how important it is for you to align with the Water Element energy.  

My hope is that through our story you’ll gain an understanding of the Water Element in action and see how embodying these qualities can help you get unstuck, flow through obstacles, and increase your courage, drive and commitment to manifest your desires.

 Here goes…

We’d been wanting to buy a home near the beach forever, so we started looking in earnest in the autumn of 2013. We put offers in on a few different houses, and were turned down for each of them. But despite our disappointment we persevered and kept looking.

Our house-hunting process was like a crash course in how not to buy a coastal property. With each rejection we learned more and more about going below the surface to identify the hidden pitfalls. What with flood zones and failed septic systems, I’m relieved that we were rejected for all of those earlier properties!

Ok. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, 2013 when we met a local real estate broker at a party. We got to talking and realized that James had worked with her husband at Boy Scout camp 40 years ago.  AND then she told us that she had just taken Reiki! How’s that for kismet?

She showed us a couple of properties, but none of them were suitable, so we passed. Then we took a break at the beginning of February, 2014 and went to my cousin’s wedding in Puerto Rico. We had a soothing little vacation camping on the beach in Culebra.

Resonance Repatterning, Water Element

Can you tell I love the beach?

That respite was extremely important. We were getting frustrated in our housing search and starting to lose our stamina. Everyone knows that when your energy is depleted it can really block your power of attraction. We needed to recharge and replenish ourselves and what better way than in the Caribbean surf and sun?

Immediately upon our return, our broker sent me a listing that looked promising. We scheduled a showing that same day. Because we had done our homework over the course of 3 months and several offers, we were clear on what we wanted and we knew right away that this was the house for us.

Our broker explained that the prior owner had died suddenly and the house was being sold by an estate, as a short sale. She warned us that these kinds of sales could get quite muddled; not only did the estate have to agree on the sale, but the bank that held the mortgage on the house had to give its permission, as well. It’s common for buyers to get stuck waiting 6 to 9 months for the bank to make its decision. Were we prepared for such a slow moving process?

We liked the house. We could adapt to the bank’s timing. We decided to make an offer.

Imagine our surprise when BOTH the estate AND the bank accepted it the very next day!

We were thrilled. Our broker told us that this kind of quick response was practically unheard of!

I admit were a little scared because things were suddenly moving MUCH quicker than we had anticipated. What happened to our nice gradual pace of 6-9 months?? Well, we took a deep breath and adjusted to this new, accelerated timing.

We moved into action scheduling a home inspection and filling out the mortgage application.





We got no communication from the seller.

Five days later our broker called with some bad news. The executor of the estate decided they wanted to sell to someone else.



 But they already accepted our offer!

 They can’t do that!!

 ….CAN they??

This was a HUGE obstacle thrown in our path. Even though the seller was “legally” bound to move forward with our offer, in reality it is VERY difficult buying a house from someone who doesn’t want to sell to you.

Of course we were baffled. This was a short sale; the estate wasn’t going to get any money from the sale, even if the other buyers offered the full asking price. What was going on??? It didn’t make any sense. Why were the sellers trying to back out?

We started second guessing ourselves.

Is this a sign from the Universe that this house really isn’t for us?

So we drew on all of our resources – both inner and outer. We immediately sought counsel with our attorney.

And then we did THE most important thing we could do at that time…

Luckily my husband, James, is a talented channel and medium so we contacted the deceased former owner of the property hoping for some clarity about why the sellers had this sudden change of heart. She said she would be happy to have us living in her house and then she told us some useful information about the sellers and their attorney. Ok. Sigh of relief. We have an ally on the other side.

Then James contacted our own spirit guides. While our guides didn’t go so far as to assure our success, they did say, “This house was not put in your path only for you to lose it.” They told us that IF we were to succeed we would have to get tough, strengthen our resolve, take some risks and really work for it.

I have to tell you that getting this higher perspective really helped. It calmed us down and gave us the reassurance we needed to persevere.

Right away, the seller started putting up obstacle after obstacle to derail the sale. And each step of the way we had to figure out how to move around, over or through those obstacles.

As you can imagine, there were times when we questioned whether it was all worth it. But we have tools and resources that the average person doesn’t have – and boy did we use them!

♦  Whenever we waivered in our resolve we’d do a Resonance Repatterning session to help us move through our doubt and fear.

♦  We’d check in with our guides for advice. They told us, “Take possession of the house in your mind.”

♦  Every day we drove by the house and told ourselves, “THIS IS OUR HOUSE.”

♦  We visualized ourselves living in the house and felt the elation of having our place near the ocean to call home.

♦  We acted as if the house was already ours and this gave us the courage to take risks.

Each time the sellers’ attorney threw us a hardball, rather than feel disempowered, we’d bat it right back at them. We quickly became stronger and more powerful than we had ever been before. Their plan was to make it so difficult that we’d give up and walk away. We were determined. We weren’t going to let them wear us down.

Let me tell you, it was exhausting. We’d make it past one hurdle only to be faced with the next hurdle. It was like running a gauntlet. But we used the Resonance Repatterning process to keep us on track – and run it we did.

I’m happy to say we persevered and achieved our goal! After nearly 2 months of wrangling we closed on our dream home on March 31, 2014.

It took every ounce of our inner strength and mental and emotional fortitude. It was not the way we would have chosen to proceed. But I have to confess that we accessed and developed a level of power and inner strength that we never even knew we had.

     ♦  We stayed committed to what we truly wanted.

     ♦  We didn’t let our doubt and fear stop us.

     ♦  We broke through a barrier of weakness and found strength on the other side.

     ♦  We flowed around seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

     ♦  And we maintained our balance and stamina throughout this prolonged, stressful situation.

 Wow! Just writing this makes me feel enthusiastic and motivated!

Looking back, we certainly were aligned with our Water Element energy — And we are grateful for the growth this challenging situation gave us.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?



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  1. Liz and James
    Thank you for sharing your story!
    I reached out years ago to have you help me with energy blocks
    Taking my medical exams and then purchased a Circa 1750 home
    and it has taken me 2 1/2 years to build! Talk about obstacles!
    I have GC the project all myself and finally received my
    OC about Easter time.
    I have been living in a 35 ft camper on the property
    and have learned many valuable lessons regarding perseverance!
    Im in my settling phase and trying to fiscally and emotionally get
    Back to my routines of wellness. So reading your story was encouraging.
    I need some intense repatterning and hope you both can help me accelerate my process.

    • Hi Kim,
      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.
      Sometimes the universe puts obstacles in our way to strengthen our resolve and committment. I applaud your perseverance!
      I would be happy to schedule you for some Resonance Repatterning.
      Congratulations on your new home! May you enjoy many years of health and happiness there.

  2. much light and inspiration just what I was asking for

  3. I appreciate all the work and sensioss that you are doing to help all of us to feel in peace. I can say that after such a terrible time I, definitely, feel some peace now (what a difference) and some of my problems with money are getting resolved. Thank you very much for your help !!!

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