How to Connect with Your Water Element Energy

In this post you’ll get to see the Water Element at work in a common, real-life situation so you can recognize how these energies play out in your own life. This is a true story of what happened (and how I responded) when my Internet connection was frustratingly slow. 

Here’s what happened. I got up one Sunday morning with a clear idea of what I wanted to accomplish. I had three emails I wanted to write and send. After that, the day was mine to do whatever I pleased, or even nothing at all.

So far so good. I was clear on what I wanted. In the Chinese Five Element System Clarity is a positive quality of your Water Element energy. Setting a clear intention is powerful stuff because it gives your energy a container and a direction in which to flow.

But then my Internet speed bogged down. Things took a lot longer than I planned; but I decided to power through and try and get my work done anyway.

OK. I had perseverance – another Water Element quality. On the positive side perseverance is great. It’s that stick-to-it-iveness that gets things done even in the face of hardship and challenge. And everyone knows that the ability to flow around obstacles is a key component of success.

But on the negative side, perseverance can get you stuck in a rut. It can be stubborn, obstinate, and unchanging. It’s the fuel that feeds your bad habits.  

Sometimes it’s hard to see when you’ve crossed that line. This is why the ability to overcome resistance and adapt to changing circumstances are essential qualities of a balanced Water Element. When your Water Element energy is balanced you instinctively flow with life’s changes.

Was I aligned with the positive quality of perseverance or was I just being stubborn?

Then I did what any good Facebooker does, I asked my friends, “Anybody else noticing that the ‘Net is incredibly slow?” All of the responses said, “Yes!” OK. So now I know. It’s not just me. I’ll keep plugging away.

This is where I kind of went off track. Putting it out on Facebook demonstrates the Water Element quality of accessing and using your resources.

But what did my FB friends know about MY Internet connection? Were they the best resource I had? Why not go right to the source and call my Internet provider? That’s exactly what I did, but not until my connection further slowed to a trickle.

Thanks to my Resonance Repatterning training, on the upside I can say that throughout this saga I was reminding myself to breathe, be patient, release tension and relax. At least I had the wisdom to not let this experience drain me. The ability to contain your reserves is another very important Water Element characteristic.

By now you may have guessed the Water Element is all about flow. How do you direct your energy and use your power and will to get things done?  Fear is the Water Element emotion. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “frozen by fear.” Fear kills flow.  Then you get stuck in stagnation and lethargy.

So next time you come up against those stuck places think about how you are directing your Water energy. Are you in struggle and over-effort? Can you overcome your resistance and get things moving again without draining yourself and exhausting your reserves?

When you want to get moving look to the Water Element to get back into the flow with ease and grace.

I’d love to hear from you. How are you experiencing your Water Element energy these days? Post your answer below.

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