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Join Elizabeth Tobin for these free monthly calls. Elizabeth will facilitate a Resonance Repatterning® group energy healing session.

When a group of people join together and entrain in harmony at a higher vibration something extraordinary happens. A portal opens and everyone in the group has access to a higher level of wisdom, creativity and joy. This is the future of healing on this planet.

On these Free monthly Teleconferences you’ll experience a breakthrough evolutionary process that opens up accelerated possibilities for your own growth and the transformation of our planet. Whether you are an energy healer yourself, or someone who is looking for the missing link to accelerate your own evolution, you won’t want to miss these calls!

Calls are usually the first Monday of each month at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

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Meet the Presenter

Elizabeth Tobin, Certfied Resonance Repatterning PractitionerElizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner because she works with groups of people to clear non-coherence from the collective field. Elizabeth is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of distance healing proxy groups for individual and collective healing. She is internationally respected as a caring and gifted practitioner who offers private-individual sessions via telephone and Skype, and group sessions in person and through distance healing by proxy.
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  1. The March call will be on the second Monday, March 10, 2014; same time 8pm Eastern, just a different date.

  2. PLEASE NOTE: The February 2014 call is on the second Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 instead of the first Monday.

  3. Looking forward to the call and experiencing the counsels’ wisdom…..My hands and feet continue to give me trouble….even doing the meditations of red and mud and fuchsia light…wondering what else I can do to move the process along….I am really looking towards perfect help with the assistance of you and the council…Thank you!!!!!

  4. Jan Sheridan says

    Dear,LIZ ,
    Thanks for sending me reminder on call tonight.looking forward to it. My intention that I would like to ask the council is this. What is the best way to manifest good health and wealth of abundance at the same time. I seem to be able to manifest one or the other.please ask council to advise. I am looking forward to call tonight. I appreciate you and james offering these monthly sessions.many blessings to. You both. Namesta.
    Jan sheridan

  5. Hi Liz and The Council
    of Elohim
    Please help me with releasing the cause of my lower back pain.
    I think it has to do with 2 jealous work colleagues in my laboratory
    who make every attempt to sabotage my efforts.
    I want to utilize my energy for my new direction in the world of healing.
    Love and blessings,

  6. My intention is to allow my perspective to incorporate the higher dimensions….say 5 to 11 and/or what is beyond. I am just wondering what is the best way to be available for that to unfold…and is there something in particular that would catalyze that transformation?

    • We’ll get to your question on this month’s call, 9/9/13. If you can call in on the phone that would be great in case The Council needs you to add more specifics to your question.

  7. I have a bacterial urinary tract infection. I have lots of rheumatoid arthritis in my joints, and the antibiotic my dr. put me on says it may snap or pop a tendon, especially in people in my age bracket. I am afraid to take this medicine, and my dr. isn’t in anymore tonight. What do I do? I don’t want to get any worse with the infection! Help!

    • Hi Eileen,
      I’m sorry for your distress. We do not diagnose or give medical advice.
      However, energy work can support activating your system’s own healing powers
      and help you get clear on making decisions that support your highest and best.

  8. I have many women friends with whom I share a deep spiritual connection and understanding….I am interested in bringing a male companion/lover/friend into my community….wondering what the blocks are for this? It seems as though I am getting closer….but I wouls really like to get it going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks council! and James and Liz!

  9. Sometimes I procrastinate because I am unsure on the right action I am being guided on from the Universe. I used to think my guidance was clear, such as seeing signs that seem like they’re speaking directly to me. However, I am learning that we attract more of what we are thinking with our vibrations – as like attracts like, including like thoughts and ideas. So I have become confused about my guidance system, and I wonder if the Council could advise, now that we are becoming creative beings and our vibrations attract more quickly and strongly, how can I differentiate this and move on with confidence in my work etc.? What are your thoughts on this?

  10. Jan Sheridan says

    Hi Elizabeth, I am looking forward to tonight’s talk.on procrastinating.
    My question is how to we work on moving forward when we are procrastinating because there’s a financial and or time constraints involved in the process. It seems these add to the difficulty even when the intention to fulfill the project is there. Then when you finally have the time and money to persue it you have only 80% of what is needed so then we still have added procrastination and rarely get to the completion and the desired results that we seek.please ask the council for me. It is
    Much appreciated, many blessings to you and James.
    Jan Sheridan

  11. Kaitelyn says

    I have a question about procrastinating a discussion with my sister. She doesn’t understand about not sharing other people’s private information. Any advice for me? Her energy feels murky to me and I just want to keep to myself.

  12. Wondering when doing work around procrastination…why at first it is eas yto move forward but then it becomes more difficult until it is like wading through tar. Just trying to figure out what to do to sustain it.

    Thank you…Looking forward tothe next repatterning..

  13. janet sheridan says

    Hi elizabeth,
    Thanks for letting me in on this. I have been trying to find foods that are good for me and fuel me with positive lasting energies.I have a variety, fruit vegetables chicken eggs some salad, bagel wild ricee etc. But pizza with italian sausage,and mushrooms, keeps calling me. And gives me good energies. C
    Can you talk about that for me tonight? I am so looking forward to conference tonight!
    Thanks for all you do. Many blessings to you and james.:)

  14. Shirley J says

    I will be working at the time of the Teleconference, hope you have a replay, Sounds like something I am interested in.

  15. Elizabeth,

    What a great email you sent! I look forward to the call and learning more. Not even sure what to ask…

  16. Thank you Elizabeth, James and John. Wonderful healing energies and chaneling.

  17. I’m hearing James very well. I’m on the phone. Hi–nice to be in circle with you.

  18. Do you have a question that you’d like to ask our panel on the next call? Post your questions here!

    • Rozalina O. Brightly, Ms.D., D.D., Alchemical Awakening Facilitator says

      Aloha All Facilitators,
      Please, when you all do this assistive offering, include the descendants of those on the call in the ‘clearing.’ The generations below us are more powerfully abiding in purer awareness than those who came before and are more sensitive, generally speaking, to the dense energies of the dual level of consciousness. Let’s offer to all in experience/experiencer consciousness.
      We are The Great Mystery.
      Mahalo nui loa!
      Infinite Blessings!

      Rozalina Olikolani Brightly

    • Marcia Nandillon says

      Greetings All!
      Another request/question about the ‘clearing’ : I’m sure I’m clearing ‘stuff’ for my own family, but it is mine.
      In particular, I sense I’m carrying issues for my deceased father. Will you speak to this? And by my own transmuting, am I helping him?

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