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Gateway to Grace

Join Elizabeth Tobin for these free monthly calls. Elizabeth will facilitate a Resonance Repatterning® group energy healing session.

When a group of people join together and entrain in harmony at a higher vibration something extraordinary happens. A portal opens and everyone in the group has access to a higher level of wisdom, creativity and joy. This is the future of healing on this planet.

On these Free monthly Teleconferences you’ll experience a breakthrough evolutionary process that opens up accelerated possibilities for your own growth and the transformation of our planet. Whether you are an energy healer yourself, or someone who is looking for the missing link to accelerate your own evolution, you won't want to miss these calls!

Calls are usually the first
Monday of each month at
12:00 Noon Eastern Time.

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Gateway to Grace
Monthly Free Webinars

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    Gateway to Grace Webinar:

    Elizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

    Elizabeth Tobin calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner because she works with groups of people to clear non-coherence from the collective field. Elizabeth is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of distance healing proxy groups for individual and collective healing. She is internationally respected as a caring and gifted practitioner who offers private-individual sessions via telephone and Skype, and group sessions in person and through distance healing by proxy.  

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