Repatterning Food Global Teleconference Recording

I don’t struggle with my weight, but I’ve wanted to do a Teleconference on Repatterning Food for other important reasons. If you’re familiar with me and my work then you know that I’m an expert in identifying and transforming patterns on the individual and global levels. I look at the interconnectedness of these patterns and how transforming your personal patterns changes the global patterns.

Did you know that your food patterns are intricately connected to the imbalance in the world’s food supply?

Some people are starving while others are constantly tempted by excess. When it comes to food, power and control issues over Mother Nature, the plant and animal kingdoms, and the natural cycles are mirrors of our own inner struggles.

Your relationship to food is based on many complex and interrelated patterns. You see, food issues, excess or under weight, and eating disorders are the physical manifestations of underlying energy patterns.

When you listen to this recording you’ll discover:

  • The 8 Common Patterns relating to food issues,
  • What’s Really Going on when you crave sugar, carbs and fat,
  • The Surprising Connection between your creativity and your weight,
  • The Real Reason why so many people regain their weight,
  • The Hidden Family Patterns causing anorexia, bulimia, and food addiction,
  • Why Transforming your personal patterns Changes the Global Patterns.
  • Important Details about the upcoming “Repatterning Your Relationship to Food” Resonance Repatterning Distance Healing Proxy Group Series.


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Meet the Presenter

Elizabeth Tobin, Certified Resonance Repatterning PractitionerElizabeth Tobin, JD; Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner calls herself a multi-dimensional cosmic closet cleaner because she works with groups of people to clear non-coherence from the collective field. Elizabeth is a pioneer in using the breakthrough process of distance healing proxy groups for individual and collective healing. She is internationally respected as a caring and gifted practitioner who offers private-individual sessions via telephone and Skype, and group sessions in person and through distance healing by proxy.

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  1. I’m not getting through clicking on the Submit button that links to the recording. Missed the live event.

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