Fascinating Family Secrets Revealed

Family Patterns Families are complex, multi-layered energy systems, and there are some universal principles that apply. Up until now the information I’m about to reveal was available  to only a select group of Resonance Repatterning® and Family Constellation professionals. I’d like to share some of this information with you now so you can start using  it in your own life.

Let’s start with the basics — The energy patterns that you inherit from your biological family.

Even if you never knew your biological family the energy patterns that you inherited from them are still playing out in your life right now. The same is true whether you maintain close contact with your family or move half-way around the world to get away from them, you are still energetically connected to them and being affected by them.

Everyone has strong and invisible energetic ties to their biological family system. You unconsciously store information about each member of your family system, even if you never met them and have no conscious knowledge of them.

Whatever you’re struggling with in your life, taking a look at your Family Patterns can be the key that opens the door to  your greater health, wealth and fulfillment.

Money problems? Look to your family patterns.  • Health issues? Look to your family patterns. •  Relationship issues? Look to your family patterns. Weight issues? Work issues? Well, you get the idea…

This unconscious storehouse of information is called the Family Conscience. In addition to containing all of the information about each family member, your Family Conscience contains all of the information about what is acceptable in your family and what is not. Think of your Family Conscience as the repository of all the rules by which your family members must live.

You may be relieved to know that you don’t have to do extensive genealogical research to find out every detail of your family history. Even though the contents of your Family Conscience are stored on the unconscious level, there are ways to tap into this hidden cache of information. 

The Family Conscience compels you to act in specific ways in order to feel like an included member of your family. When you act in ways that are contrary to your Family Conscience certain feelings arise such as shame, guilt, anxiety, or unworthiness. Even when you are acting in alignment with your highest and best these negative feelings can crop up for no apparent reason and sabotage you living your purpose in life and reaching your highest potential.

The main thing to remember is that your connection to your Family Conscience and to your family system is unconscious, and it is driven by love. On the unconscious level everyone has a need to be loved and accepted and our most basic need for love is from our own family. Even if during our up-bringing we come to feel that certain family members are not worthy of our love, deep down, on the unconscious level we still crave their love and acceptance. Everyone does.

Right now in this stage of humanity’s evolution of consciousness, we are being asked to evolve past our individual and collective family systems – past our parents, grandparents and ancestors into a higher consciousness of Oneness. This is why this information is so important right now. Because even though the new energy is supporting us in moving forward, we still have these unconscious ties that may be compelling us to stay in struggle and limitation.


As you can imagine, this yearning to evolve while at the same time needing to stay safe within your family’s rules can create turmoil and inner conflict. So what can you do?

 How are your family patterns playing out in your life right now?

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  1. Josie Ochoa says

    Perhaps what gave me the deepest sadness in my family of origin was that they were so emotionally shut down. Like androids, these people were not connected to themselves or each other. The aimless, depressed negativity drove me crazy! Later I was to know this as unconsciousness… deeply shutdown patterns that blocked them from the life force… blocked them from love! So my earliest desires to wake up, become conscious and embrace love originated from early childhood experiences.

  2. Penelope N. Riggs says

    When a member of the tribe has been excluded, abandoned, forgotten, blamed – the family field or conscience will demand justice. A balancing must be made. It compels a future member of the tribe into service. That individual unconsciously identifies with a previous family member and is trying to balance the family (energy) field and may become entangled and suffer for the rejected ancestor.

  3. Ebony Kane says

    Working to release patterns and core beliefs may take a while. They tend to have a circular nature, they are layered as they say in Gestalt therapy… like layers of an onion. Through each layer we understand a little more. The wisdom of that theme becomes deeper. Eventually we see it so clearly we do not need to play it out anymore. We see it for what it is! I love the practice of mindfulness in combination with energy healing modalities for releasing patterns. As a psychotherapist/ psychologist, I enjoy working with people who are working through the conscious with me and are accessing either kinesiology, spiritual healing, acupuncture, a chiropractor or similar fields for the unconscious energy shifts.

  4. Nina Z. Miranda says

    Unconscious patterns can be an individuals attempt at surviving a childhood situation or they can be learnt from the family and therefore a generational pattern. Often what worked to survive childhood pain becomes an unconscious pattern of thought, feelings and actions in adulthood that causes misery. Likewise, it is amazing how powerful family pattern are. We may live a part from our family for decades and believe we have changed so much as a person through those experiences. Yet when we visit our family, low and behold we are seventeen again and back in the family dynamics and patterns. It can almost make you cringe!

  5. Lara U. Wilder says

    In these examples of suffering no one was aware of their “entanglements” with ancestors. The quoted words represent unconscious voices. These descriptions testify to the enormous power of the child’s love. It is a blind love based on an unconscious desire to “help” a parent or to suffer for a neglected ancestor. The child in us acts as if this suffering could atone for some injustice. And, indeed, constellations yield strong evidence that there is a “family conscience” — a conscience operating across generations that balances the “justice” in family systems in surprising ways.

  6. sorry for cursing, it makes me made. people need to talk, reveal information. when it finally come out then you can put the pieces together, get answers for yourelf. this is important!

  7. how does one shed these patterns. i have my own child now and do not want to continuw the cycle. how do i break the cycle. a relative died recently and i learned somethings about my mothers family . i was somewhat releved when i heard it, it made some sense to me but it also chattered my idea of them. i have some secrets on the other side to. all these secrets. i feel like screamimg and bursting the bubble.

    • Hi Lucy,
      Thanks for posting. Have you listened to any of my family patterns recordings? This is a good place to start to learn more about these patterns and how to release them.
      The Resonance Repatterning process offers a way to identify and release these patterns. Let me know if you would like to schedule a session with me.

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