What do you actually do to bring coherence over chaos.

In other words, what actually causes the repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning (RR) uses numerous modalities to transform resonance. A modality to transform resonance is a way to put energy into your body/mind/spirit systems to create or transform frequency patterns. RR is a synthesis of many energy healing disciplines and employs techniques from these disciplines, such as using color, light, sound, specific breathing patterns, tuning forks, toning, working with acupuncture meridian points, jin shin points, the chakras, doing certain movements from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Educational Kinesiology, using eye movements, proprioceptive foot-ankle movements, polarity contacts, cranial contacts, essential oils, flower essences, etc., etc.

The Resonance Repatterning process for positive change has numerous books containing a wide range of information and wisdom culled from all of these different healing systems. There are books that deal specifically with the chakras, the Chinese Five Element Meridian system, relationships, our vision which is about how light physically enters the eye, and also about our vision for our lives, clearing family, generational and karmic patterns.

Included in these books are repatternings, which are a course of inquiry around a specific issue to identify the non-coherence (negative patterns such as limiting beliefs, negative emotions, earlier experiences, out-dated brain wave patterns, unresolved nervous system responses, etc.) that you are resonating with and the coherent frequencies (positive patterns) that you are not resonating with. The purpose is to shift those frequencies so that you resonate with the coherent and stop resonating with the non-coherent.

It may be that we need to do a repatterning on identifying a problem and then identifying the opportunity that the problem holds. You may need to open your awareness to a new possibility by doing the New Possibility Intention Repatterning. We may need to do a repatterning around your beliefs, your language, an outmoded reptilian brain response, or an earlier experience. There are repatternings for parental influences, commitment, creative self-expression, abundance, disrupted energy in the chakras, etc.

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What is resonance? 

Resonance refers to the fact that one thing of a particular frequency or note can set another thing of the same frequency or note in motion. This is true regardless of what that “thing” is – whether it’s an object, a thought, a feeling, a word, etc.

As an illustration, imagine a room full of tuning forks, with some tuned to the frequency of the note of “A” (440 cycles per second) and some tuned to the frequency of the note of “B” (493.88 cycles per second), if you were to strike one “A” tuning fork, all of the other “A” forks would start to vibrate, whereas the “B” tuning forks would stay still. This is what physicists call sympathetic resonance.

One of the most powerful laws in the Universe is that like frequencies attract like frequencies. The power of resonance is that what you resonate with, you will tend to attract. What you don’t resonate with, you don’t attract. Changing your resonance is the basis for all positive change because when you resonate with something it is a part of your being in a very fundamental way. It is the vibrational frequency that you are sending out to the Universe and it is what comes back to you. And this happens without effort, as a natural function of your being, just like the beating of your heart — you don’t have to think about it —your system takes care of it automatically.

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What Is Muscle Checking? 

Muscle checking, more commonly called Kinesiology or muscle testing, is a form of biofeedback that gives us access to the wisdom of your entire body/mind/spirit system. Using the strength or weakness of a muscle as a response, we can identify the non-coherent wave patterns (earlier experiences, limiting beliefs and perceptions) that you are resonating with and the coherent wave patterns (intentions, goals, and aspirations)that you are not resonating with. Oftentimes, your non-coherent patterns are hidden from your consciousness. Muscle checking is a way to by-pass the censoring of the mind. It taps into the deep inner knowing of your entire body/mind/spirit system.

Muscle Checking is a binary response system that gives one of two answers, which, in Resonance Repatterning, we call ON or OFF. By asking a series of questions and using the muscle checking to get the response from your entire system, not just the conscious brain, we can zero in on exactly what you need to make lasting, positive change. Through muscle checking, RR gets to the heart of any problem, whether physical, emotional, mental or on the spirit level.

In Resonance Repatterning, we use a specific kind of muscle checking called Resonance Kinesiology. We are not checking for truth, rather we are checking the resonant frequency patterns that you are holding in your field. Often times we are resonating with things that are indeed not true and we experience these untruths as problems. Resonance Kinesiology is a very precise and effect method of identifying the non-truths that are holding us back.

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How does the muscle checking work by proxy? 

I act as proxy for the client, whether it’s an individual or a group, and use my own muscle to check the client’s or group’s energy field. This is possible because we are all a part of the same energy system and come from the same energy source — whether one calls it God or the Big Bang Theory. We are all in communication at the sub-atomic level. The muscle checking is a way to tap into this conversation by asking specific questions and getting the answers through the binary ON/OFF muscle indicator response.

The muscle checking works by proxy on the physics principle of non-locality. We are all part of the same energy system, or hologram. A hologram is a three dimensional image made of light. Each part of the hologram contains all of the information of the whole. With your permission, I hold the intention that I am accessing information about that part of the hologram which is you. And when I do a group distance healing proxy session with all of the participants’ permission I tap into each part of the hologram that contains information about each of the participants.

A group session is like taking a poll of the group energy and identifying those frequency patterns that all of the participants have in common.

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How do I get the benefit of the others participating in a group? 

In groups, two people with coherent intention double the force of one; add just one more person, and the force is squared. With each person added to the group, the force expands exponentially. The more people in the group, the greater amplitude or power there is to support the shifts in our collective resonance.

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How will I know this is re-patterning is working effectively for me?Will I be able to see any specific shifts? 

Each person experiences the sessions in their own unique way. You may notice that you are more hopeful, grounded, less anxious, more empowered, have more certainty about your ability to create what you want in your life. With each repatterning session we are setting in motion positive changes by bringing your energy field to a higher level of coherence, meaning that you will be sending out a more positive, powerful vibration and that is what comes back to you and manifests in your life as positive experiences and things. The unfolding of these positive changes may be very subtle or they may be very quick and easily identified.

I suggest that you play the role of the detached observer and notice how your feelings, perceptions and interactions change. If you are keeping track with anxiety or doubt that is going to affect your outcomes. Keep in mind that the benefits you receive may not manifest as material items, right away.

Answering the following questions may bring you to a higher level of awareness and appreciation for all of the positive changes that you have made during the course of your sessions:

How did you feel before the repatterning?

What was going on in your life when you started your sessions?

Has anything at all changed in your life?

Have you gained a new perspective on anything?

Have you moved to a higher level of understanding and/or awareness about anything?

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Do you work alone, or do you have a group present?I usually work alone when I do a proxy group session, taking into account the feedback I get from participants via the message board. I also do in-person groups where the participants are all assembled in the same room. 


If I am not participating “directly” in the proxy group, who is?  

You are participating directly in the proxy group. You are participating on an energetic level as opposed to what you might call your waking, five-senses level of consciousness. Each time I do a proxy group session I am accessing your energy field and all of the other participants’ energy fields, in other words, the composite group energy field. So, even though you may not be consciously aware of when the session is taking place, you and all of the other participants are interacting with me via the muscle checking and providing the information that is guiding the session.

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Do we do this all at the same time? 

Yes, I do one group proxy session for all of the group’s participants.

How long do the repatternings take? 

The proxy group sessions may take anywhere from 1 to 3+ hours, so when I sit down to do the group I leave the time frame open-ended.

Private sessions are usually about an hour long.

How does conscious intent play into this? 

Resonance Repatterning works on the principles of new physics so whether you believe in it or not you will benefit from it (just like gravity, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work). But we also know that intention moves energy, so whatever the activity you are doing, the clearer the intention, the better. Also, how you feel about the intentions you set also impacts the outcome because the signal we send out is what we get back. This is why it’s so important to be resonating with your intentions. For example, if you set an intention and then worry that it won’t come to pass, the worry interferes with the intention manifesting. It’s like casting a fishing line out and then reeling it in before the fish has a chance to bite.

So to answer the question, I would say that one will get a more powerful result by holding a powerful intention. But even if one is not yet able to hold a strong intention, one will get benefit from the proxy groups because their energy field will shift to a higher level of coherence. The Resonance Repatterning process meets people where they are, so that each person gets the highest benefit that they, at their current level of receptivity, are able to receive from the group. This may be one factor in why some people experience greater shifts than others.

I believe another factor may be the size of the group, the bigger the group, the greater the amplitude to support the shifts. And I think that the people with a strong intention help to support those with a less powerful intention.

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Do you send me a list of things I need to think about, evaluate, meditate on, etc?Before the remote distance healing proxy group sessions I send you specific questions designed to get your unconscious working to release the patterns for that session. 

After the session I send out a written report. From the report, you will be able to see what intentions you moved into resonance with and what fears you moved out of resonance with. Also, there will be other positive intentions, fears, limiting beliefs, etc. that the group energy, via the muscle checking, identified as being related to the primary intention or problem. You may want to incorporate these into your meditation practice or use them as affirmations, but this is optional and totally up to you. Generally, each session is self-contained and you move to a higher level of coherence just by participating and nothing further is needed. Sometimes there may be a Positive Action identified and recommended for you to do, to help anchor your higher vibration. Sometimes with the proxy groups that are part of an ongoing series there may be an issue that doesn’t shift in that session and we then work on the issue from different angles and at deeper levels in subsequent sessions.

In addition, I send a follow-up emais to help you connect with the shifts and integrate your new positive changes.


I don’t send these for private, one-on-one sessions because you are there consciously taking part in the session and you will get all of  this information during your session.

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What I am supposed to do with the information in the session reports from the proxy sessions?  

All of the information in the report is to let you know what you succeeded in shifting and how it was done (what modalities for transforming resonance were used). How you interact with the material is up to you. Some people like to use one or more positive statements in the report as affirmations, others use them in their meditations. Some people just read the report; others don’t even look at it!

Sometimes the statements have literal meaning for us and sometimes the meaning is more figurative or symbolic. Sometimes, we may not be able to immediately connect with the relevance of a particular statement, but its meaning gets shown to us over time. If there are statements that puzzle you, you may want to sit with them for a while and see what insights emerge.

If there is any Positive Action that you need to do I will state this in the report. Otherwise, I have done all of the actions for you during the course of each proxy session and no further action is needed on your part.

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What does ON and OFF mean? Are you seeking to create ON’s? 

In Resonance Repatterning, we speak of our energy patterns as being either non-coherent or coherent and the goal is to transform the non-coherent into coherence. Another way to say it is we are identifying the “negative” perceptions, beliefs, etc. that we are resonating with and changing our energy so that we no longer resonate with those non-coherent or “negative” things. And we are identifying the “positive” beliefs, perceptions, intentions, etc. that we are not resonating with and transforming our energy so we do resonate with the “positive.”

We identify these energy patterns through muscle checking, a form of biofeedback which reflects the wisdom of our entire body/mind/spirit system. It is a binary response system, meaning that it gives only one of two answers which in RR we call ON or OFF. So by asking a series of questions and using the muscle checking to get the response from our entire system, and not just our conscious brain, we can zero in on exactly what we are resonating with (what we are “ON” for) and what we are not resonating with (what we are “OFF” for). We then muscle check to identify what is needed to shift our resonance, switching us “OFF” for the non-coherent and switching us “ON” for the coherent.

So, are we seeking to create ONs? Not necessarily. We are only seeking to create ONs when we’ve identified a coherent pattern with which we’re not resonating. And we are seeking to create OFFs when we’ve identified a non-coherent pattern that we are resonating with.

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During the proxy groups, many of the fears and aspirations repeat themselves over time, though the wording is slightly different, what do you think about that? 

It does seem that the same issues are coming up with different variations. I think it’s because, first of all, the fears and aspirations that people post on the message boards are similar. During each proxy group session, I muscle check which fear and intentions we need to work with from the message boards. I also think that these are core issues, particularly since so many of us have the same ones. That’s one of the reasons I like to do ongoing series of proxy group sessions, to allow the opportunity to work on the core issues from many different angles. I think that the fears and intentions that keep recurring are deeply embedded not only within the group participants, but also within our species. Sometimes I think of the group work as major closet cleaning on a planetary scale!

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When something has been shifted, does it usually stay shifted . . . for how long? 

Resonance Repatterning sessions work immediately and profoundly. Once something has been shifted, your energy field has automatically moved to a higher level of coherence. The shifts are permanent to the level and depth that you are able to release a pattern. Sometimes it takes more than one session before your higher level of coherence manifests down to the level of your experience. This is because “problems” can be multi-faceted, and it may take multiple sessions to work through the layers. It’s not unusual to work on one aspect of the problem in a session and then work on another aspect of the same problem in another session. The Resonance Repatterning process allows us to turn the lens to look at our issues holographically, i. e. from different perspectives so that we see the interconnections.

The Resonance Repatterning process honors your own right timing; while we may want to clear a pattern all at once, it may be physically, emotionally and/or mentally impossible for us to integrate such a monumental shift. Your system knows when a gradual healing process would be more beneficial. At each stage of our healing process we gain the insight and learning that sets the stage for the next phase of our growth. Imagine going from elementary school straight to college without the learning and maturing that occurs in the intervening grades. Few people could comfortably navigate such a drastic transition.

Sometimes moving to a higher level of coherence feels foreign and your system may want to retreat back to the familiar, non-coherent pattern because that is what feels comfortable, even though you consciously know that this pattern no longer serves you. In this case, having another session will help you sustain the higher, coherent frequency pattern.

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How Do I Know When I Need Another Session? 

If you’re not feeling at your optimal best, that’s a good indication that you’re ready for another session. Sometimes after one session, your system makes a quantum leap to a higher level of well-being then that feeling subsides. Each session brings you further up the spiral of coherence and well-being. If you feel that you’ve plateaued that’s a good indication that you’re ready to spiral up again with another session. Also if you are experiencing symptoms of the “healing crisis” that’s a good indication that another session is needed.

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It seems that there are endless nuances and layers to the issues. Do we ever reach a place of completion or is it an ongoing process? 

Life is an ever evolving, growing and learning process. So, as long as there is “growing” to be done, you can continue to shift energy patterns so that you resonate with the changes you want to make in your life.

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I admit, this is a big challenge for me, to step beyond my skepticism that long-distance healing can work, that you can engage with my particular energy when we’ve never met and you know nothing about me… do you have suggestions for doubt and skepticism? 

In one sense Resonance Repatterning works on physics and energy principles so it’s kind of like gravity, you don’t have to believe in gravity for it to work, it just does — the same thing with RR.

On the other hand, we through our thoughts, emotions and intentions create our reality. I’ve heard many people who do energy healing work say that intention is everything. For myself I believe that intention is very powerful, and it’s made even more powerful when it is supported by “right action.” That is, when we act with integrity to achieve our goals.

To put the two together, in Resonance Repatterning we say, “A clear intention plus right action equals extraordinary outcomes.”

So the fact that you have some doubts about this working for you may lessen the effect of the benefits you feel from it, but the mere fact that you are participating in the group means that you will receive benefit.

The new physics explain what the world’s spiritual traditions have been telling us for eons: that we are all one. If you can believe that we all come from the same source and we are all connected then it’s not so fantastic to think that proxy groups can work. Even though we may not fully understand how the proxy process works, it does work — just like you don’t need to know how a car’s internal machinery works in order to get the benefit of driving it where you want to go.

Here’s a rather poetic, non-scientific explanation of how proxy groups work, taken from the Repatterning Practitioners’ Association Web site www.holographic.org:

“Gaze at a picture of earth from the perspective of space. Appreciate how it all hangs together — oceans, forests, cities animals — people. Realize you are looking at a living being … mother earth and that you are a significant part of her cellular structure.

Everything in that picture has a vibrating energy field, including you. It is this vibrating interconnected field, the fact that we are all energetically linked together, that allows us to do long distance healing.”

Some people experience very profound changes, while for others (myself included) the results are more subtle. You may notice over time that you feel more hopeful or empowered about the way your life is going. You may notice that some of your “challenging” relationships are going more smoothly. You may find that it’s easier for you to think positively about certain things, whereas in the past it was hard not to dwell on the negative. You may notice that you’re more patient toward others and willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. You may notice that people are starting to treat you differently, in a positive way. You may notice that things that used to really “push your buttons” just don’t have that charge any more. One woman described feeling more buoyant, like she somehow floated above her problems, the problematic situations were still there but she was no longer enmeshed in them.

See if you notice anything like this, and when you do, acknowledge that a shift has occurred and congratulate yourself for not letting your skepticism get in the way of trying something new!

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What would a participant do who is stuck/unable to move/ unable to act and doesn’t know what their underlying issues are? 

Some people during the proxy groups have individual Resonance Repatterning sessions to get “unstuck” and/or move through some bumpy spots. Sometimes the group brings up things that you are ready to move through and an individual session(s) supplements the group sessions. Other times individual session(s) are needed to work on those things that are unique to you as an individual that the group isn’t addressing.

After the group ends some people go on to have individual sessions to work through issues that they felt didn’t get resolved in the group — related to the group topic or related to other things.

When we are feeling stuck and unable to move and we don’t know why, that’s when an individual session(s) is particularly helpful. The great thing about Resonance Repatterning is that going into a session you don’t have to know what the underlying issues are, the session will uncover them. Sometimes we think that our issues are related to one thing and the session reveals that it’s something totally different that we would never have consciously thought of. RR is uncanny in its ability to identify and shift our unconscious patterns that are holding us back.

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Regarding the proxy groups — what is the optimal number? Are more participants better energetically? What is a truly workable number of participants for you? 

The more people in the group, the greater the amplitude to support our individual and collective frequency shifts. In groups, two people with a coherent frequency double the force of one; add just one more person, and the force is squared. With each person added to the group, the force expands exponentially, so the bigger the group, the greater the power.

The remote distance healing proxy groups are exciting to me because of the potential to shift consciousness on a planetary scale. My long-range goal is to grow the groups large enough to achieve a critical mass of participants — (I’ve seen reports that say 8,000 people is enough to get critical mass) so that, with enough people in a group shifting their consciousness, the larger consciousness of humanity also shifts.

As to what is a workable number for me, I trust that the groups will grow at a pace that I can handle — both energetically and administratively.

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What are some possible reactions to the group? 

Sometimes after Resonance Repatterning sessions (and energy work in general) people continue to process as they integrate the shifts. This is commonly called the “healing crisis.” It may take the form of physical symptoms such as diarrhea, flu or fatigue. It could take the form of feeling overly emotional or unsettled after a session. This is your system releasing toxins that have built up over the years. I recommend that after your session you drink plenty of pure water and pay attention to your body’s needs, whether it is asking for rest or exercise, food or fasting, etc.

Another aspect of the healing crisis is retracing, where it appears that problems and symptoms are getting worse, not better. This may bring you to the point where you question whether it is worth it to continue with the sessions. Stopping prematurely will keep you stuck in the discomfort. As Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” You may feel worse before you feel better, but if you keep going you will come to realize that you are on an amazing journey of transformation that is well worth any discomfort you experience along the way.

The healing crisis can bring up issues of self sabotage and fear of change/growth. One may have to decide whether they are really willing to let go of their old idea of who they are and move forward. People can define themselves as their problems: “I’m an alcoholic” or “I’m depressed” and if I’m not an alcoholic or overweight or struggling with money, etc. then who am I? This may be where the real work begins, redefining who you are and what is possible for you in the world.

Processing may also be connected to resonating with concepts such as “no pain, no gain,” “change is hard,” etc. One may be resonating with the idea that if they are not doing intense processing, then they are not making progress.

If you experience any of these symptoms and they do not subside within a few days of your session please call me at 617-469-2930. We can check to see what is needed to settle things out for you.