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Remote Distance Healing Proxy groups are a breakthrough concept in personal and global transformation. These groups bring together a community of people to shift their resonance around a specific topic by doing Resonance Repatterning® sessions, by remote distance healing proxy, over an extended period of time. The cumulative effect of the sessions builds during the course of the series; and the large size of the group magnifies the effects. Because we are all connected in consciousness the sessions address those issues that you have in common with the other group participants.

The more Resonance Repatterning sessions you receive, the more you spiral up toward reaching your highest potential. Regardless of where you are in your process, with each session, you receive exactly what you need to move to the next level of your growth. Offering remote distance healing proxy groups is a powerful and cost-effective way to bring this amazing work to large numbers of people on a consistent, cumulative basis, in a format that is convenient, accessible and affordable.

The more people in the group, the greater the amplitude to support your individual and collective frequency shifts. In groups, two people with a coherent frequency double the force of one; add just one more person, and the force is squared. With each person added to the group, the force expands exponentially, so the bigger the group, the greater the power. As the groups grow in size and reach a critical mass of people, they have the power to shift the consciousness of the entire planet.

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During the course of the group, your energy field will align with coherent frequency patterns. This empowers you to release what you don’t want from your life and embrace and welcome what you do. As you do this for yourself, you shift the energetic patterns in the collective consciousness and you radiate and express a higher vibration in a way that positively influences others . . . and your world changes along with you.

Each person experiences the process in his or her own unique way. This may take the form of improved physical health. Most people feel more relaxed, less anxious and notice that their relationships are more harmonious. People have reported feeling more buoyant, joyful and loving. Others have found that they are not as judgmental. And those things that used to “push their buttons” just don’t have the same emotional charge.

As a result of each group, positive changes will be set in motion for you, and these changes will continue to unfold over time. Over the course of the group your attitude, perceptions and beliefs will become more positive. Releasing your fears and anxieties creates the opening that allows new possibilities and extraordinary outcomes to enter your life.

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Although each group is focused on a particular topic, you may notice positive changes in other areas of your life. This is because Resonance Repatterning brings greater coherence to your entire mind/body/spirit system. For example, a woman who was having a colitis flare-up participated in a  group session on love and her colitis symptoms subsided. In that group, we didn’t work specifically on her illness, but by bringing a higher vibration of energy into her whole system, she experienced a decrease in her colitis symptoms. One of the participants in the wealth group said that she began dating again after many years of zero activity in this area of her life.

Regardless of the group’s title, other topics get incorporated into the sessions. For example, a relationships group also encompassed accessing your power, expressing and honoring your truth, self-esteem, right livelihood, and abundance. In the wealth group we may also work on relationships, addictions and physical health. It is always so amazing to me to see how everything is truly connected.

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Proxy means giving permission to someone else to act on your behalf. When you join a proxy group you give permission for me as the Resonance Repatterning practitioner to do the proxy sessions for you, on your behalf.

The proxy groups work on the same principle as remote distance healing – what the new physics describes as the principle of nonlocality. We are all a part of the same energy system and come from the same energy source.

The apparent separateness of consciousness and matter is an illusion. We are all connected at the sub-atomic level. During the proxy groups I tap into the group’s composite energy field and, using the Resonance Repatterning process for positive change, move you and all of the group’s participants into resonance with coherent frequency patterns.

Because time and distance are not barriers in quantum physics it’s easy to participate in a proxy group. All you need to do is give me your permission by registering for the group and I will have the intention to include you in the sessions. You do not need to be physically present to receive the benefits. In fact, you don’t even need to be aware of the exact time when the sessions are being done. You don’t need to do anything. You can go about your usual daily activities. And that’s the convenience of proxy!

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Each group incorporates a specific number of sessions. Most groups are a series that run for an extended length of time. Some groups, such as the Seasonal Repatternings, are comprised of a single session.

Because time and distance are not barriers in quantum physics, Resonance Repatterning can be done by proxy, meaning from a distance, and in groups. You do not need to be present to receive the benefits of a group session. In fact, you don’t even need to be aware of the exact time when the sessions are being conducted.

Because the sessions are done by proxy, you don’t come to the sessions. There is no teleconference and no webinar. You don’t need to do anything. You can go about your usual daily activities.

You will receive a report of each session identifying the positive things you moved into resonance with and the fears and blocks that you released. Should you choose, you can communicate with me and the other group participants via the discussion forums. I have found the proxy group participants to be wonderfully insightful, wise, and loving and I invite you to connect with this supportive community, share your wisdom, ask questions and relate your experiences. I also use these communications to inform the group sessions so that your needs are addressed on an on-going basis.

This extra participation is not necessary, but is an added feature to enrich the experience for those people who have the desire and the time to connect with the other participants. Regardless of the effort you put in and the extent of your participation, you will receive benefit from the group proxy sessions.

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The proxy groups are exciting because they offer the potential to shift consciousness on a planetary scale. My long-range goal is to grow the proxy groups large enough to achieve a critical mass of participants – so that, with enough people in a group shifting their consciousness, the larger consciousness of humanity also shifts (similar to the Hundredth Monkey Effect).

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