Gateway to Grace Free Global Teleconferences

Join Elizabeth Tobin and James Dempsey for these free monthly calls. James gives a channeled message from The Council of Elohim and Elizabeth will facilitate a Resonance Repatterning® group energy healing session. When a group of people join together and entrain in harmony at a higher vibration something extraordinary happens. A portal opens and everyone […]

Get the Recording of Gateway to Grace Free Global Teleconference

This free recording gives you the opportunity for ancestral, family and karmic healing to help you form deeper, more harmonious relationships as you move forward. Creating more harmonious and loving relationships with each other here on Planet Earth is The Key to improving the conditions on the planet today. Filed Under: Events

Repatterning Food Global Teleconference Recording

I don’t struggle with my weight, but I’ve wanted to do a Teleconference on Repatterning Food for other important reasons. If you’re familiar with me and my work then you know that I’m an expert in identifying and transforming patterns on the individual and global levels. I look at the interconnectedness of these patterns and […]