Anger or Passion? Why You Need Both

Have you noticed that anger, frustration and irritability seem to be up for people big time right now? I know in the USA as a nation we’re doing some serious collective shadow work. You can hear it in all that “Am I angry?? You bet I’m angry!” political rhetoric. And it’s not just the Americans, […]

How We Bought Our Dream Home by the Sea – A Study in the Water Element

  Have you ever had an experience where you felt thwarted by obstacles, only to find that in retrospect you got just what you needed? Well, how my husband and I got our dream home near the ocean is one of those stories. You’d think because I do Resonance Repatterning, and we’re both experts at […]

What does it take to be a Master at Manifesting?

If you listened to the last Gateway to Grace call you learned some powerful exercises to keep your manifestation circuit clean – especially your Pelvic Chakra. In fact, you learned a lot about the chakra system as it relates to setting intentions and manifesting. What we didn’t cover was how your Meridian System also affects your […]

True Obstacle or True Opportunity? You May Be Surprised!

When you make a plan, set a goal, and commit to it, you set into motion powerful universal forces. But these energies don’t work in a linear fashion. And this can make it hard to tell whether you’re faced with a true obstacle or a true opportunity. You see, gifts from the universe often come in strange wrapping paper.

How Is Your Water Element Flowing?

  I thought you’d like to like to know how you can tell if your Water Element needs some support. You’ll probably see yourself in some of these examples.   Let’s talk about the Water Element as it relates to the Chinese Five Element System. According to this system, Water has 4 basic principles that […]

How to Connect with Your Water Element Energy

Here’s a real life example to recognize the Water Element at play in your own life.

Get Unstuck or at Least Learn to Flow with It

When you’re stuck what do you do? Sometimes the best approach is to use your will and perseverance to get unstuck. And sometimes you just have to wait it out.In the Chinese Five Element System the Water Element is all about flow – the flow of your power, your energy, your money, and even your progress. When your water energy is balanced you know when to power through and when to rest in the stillness.