Gateway to Grace Free Global Teleconferences

Join Elizabeth Tobin and James Dempsey for these free monthly calls. James gives a channeled message from The Council of Elohim and Elizabeth will facilitate a Resonance Repatterning® group energy healing session. When a group of people join together and entrain in harmony at a higher vibration something extraordinary happens. A portal opens and everyone […]

True Obstacle or True Opportunity? You May Be Surprised!

When you make a plan, set a goal, and commit to it, you set into motion powerful universal forces. But these energies don’t work in a linear fashion. And this can make it hard to tell whether you’re faced with a true obstacle or a true opportunity. You see, gifts from the universe often come in strange wrapping paper.

Fascinating Family Secrets Revealed

Whatever you’re struggling with in your life, taking a look at your Family Patterns can be the key that opens the door to your greater health, wealth and fulfillment. This information was available to only a select few. I’m share it now so you can start using it in your own life. Let’s start with the basics —

To Take or Not to Take? With Family Patterns, There’s Only One Answer

Let’s look at another basic principle of family patterns: how energy flows through your family system. The first thing to keep in mind is that…

I Choose the Order of Love

Every family system wants to maintain order to ensures the balanced flow of energy down through the generations. Part of maintaining order is

Protected: Mastering Time Repatterning

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How Is Your Water Element Flowing?

  I thought you’d like to like to know how you can tell if your Water Element needs some support. You’ll probably see yourself in some of these examples.   Let’s talk about the Water Element as it relates to the Chinese Five Element System. According to this system, Water has 4 basic principles that […]

How to Connect with Your Water Element Energy

Here’s a real life example to recognize the Water Element at play in your own life.

Protected: Clearing Family Patterns Active Discussion Forum

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This free recording gives you the opportunity for ancestral, family and karmic healing to help you form deeper, more harmonious relationships as you move forward. Creating more harmonious and loving relationships with each other here on Planet Earth is The Key to improving the conditions on the planet today. Filed Under: Events