4 Tips for a More Peaceful Holiday Season

Holiday De-Stress Resonance Repatterning PackageDo you know how to have a more peaceful holiday experience?

 Here are 4 tips to help …

 #1 Take control of your time

This requires that you:

♦ Get clear on your priorities.

♦  Say No to the things you don’t really want to do.

♦  Be realistic – I know I often underestimate how long tasks will take, so when you’re planning your day build in extra time. Instead of jamming your to do list with 5 items, only plan on getting 3 things done.

♦  Enlist help. My friend doesn’t enjoy decorating her Christmas tree so she invites me over to help. And we make it a little party. We turn her dreaded chore into a fun event.

 #2  Give Yourself Permission to Get Plenty of Sleep

Sometimes I feel like the holiday season here in the Northern Hemisphere is a cruel joke. It’s the busiest time of the year – and it’s also the darkest time of the year. Really. It’s dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. By 7:00 pm it feels more like it’s 10:00 pm. Please … let me just crawl into bed with a book.

And don’t get me started on getting up in the morning. Dawn comes at 7 am and the house is cold; it’s tempting to roll over for another hour’s rest!

With only 8 hours of daylight, it’s not the best time of year to put on your Superhero outfit and try to get a monumental amount of things done in your day.

 So, don’t feel guilty about putting sleep on your “to do” list in place of some of your other holiday obligations.

#3  Embrace Tradition but Don’t Be Ruled by It

Holiday Traditions are a great way to feel connected to your past and to your loved ones who have passed on. I have fond memories of making the Christmas cookies with my beloved Nana. Nana taught me the recipes that her mother taught her, and so on, back through the generations.

Now the thing about our family’s traditional Christmas cookies is that they take a long time to make. I have to set aside 2 full days to make these cookies. AND they’re full of fat and sugar and alcohol. They’re wonderful treats, but we just don’t eat like that anymore.

So when I decided to adapt these recipes to my own taste, it felt like a betrayal. I had to give myself permission to update this old family tradition.

If there are traditions in your family that don’t fit your lifestyle anymore, think about how you can update them. And then do them with reverence and love for your ancestors so that you keep the essence of the tradition, while making them work for you in the present day.

 #4 Stay Connected to the Spirit of the Season

We can get so caught up in preparing for the holidays that we can lose sight of the point – which is opening our hearts to each other with love and joy. No matter what you are doing this holiday season, remind yourself to do it in the spirit of the season.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed give yourself permission to do less,ask for help, and let go of your expectations and perfectionism so you can connect with the childlike wonder of this sacred time of year.


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  1. The longing for peace is so srotng! We sang We Shall Overcome this morning in my church, in honour of the Karen (Burmese) refugee students who sing it every morning before they begin their school day in the refugee camps in Thailand on the Burmese border. They have so much hope in such a desperate situation. And their dream is to become leaders of their people and return to their homeland and build a peaceful and just society. May our work support them in realizing their dream!

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