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Use the powerful tool of Resonance Repatterning to accelerate your growth and success

How do you define success? Is it …

• Harmonious Relationships?

•  Attracting Increased Prosperity?

•  Maintaining Your Optimal Weight and Enjoying Vibrant Health and Well-Being?

•  Living with Passion, Purpose and Fulfillment?

If you’re like most people, your definition of success probably includes all of these different elements. And if you’re like most people some parts of your life are humming along just fine, and other areas could use some tweaking. I can help you move through those stuck places, heal old hurts that drag you down, and release the blocks that stop you from living your definition of authentic success. If you’re tuned into the evolution of consciousness AND you’re ready to accelerate your personal growth and transformation you’ve come to the right place.

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Resonance Repatterning

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Discover this convenient, affordable and evolutionary way to break through your old patterns.  

Resonance Repatterning

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What Is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning®, also called Holographic Repatterning®, is a process that enables you to create positive change in any area of your life where you experience limitation. It is a form of energy healing that allows you to shift what you’re resonating with — effortlessly. This means that you automatically respond differently to situations and begin to attract new scenarios and opportunities into your life. Because Resonance Repatterning works on principles of quantum physics, it can be done from a distance, in groups by remote distance healing proxy , one-on-one; and you can even do it on yourself.  

Resonance Repatterning can help with:


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Free Resources

Here you will find free videos and tele-classes covering new physics, psychology and ancient energy arts that will help you unlock your own healing powers to aid you in bringing positive change to your life!

Relationship Repair Videos

This series of relationship repair videos can help you overcome your relationship challenges and experience more joy, connection and intimacy. 

Whether you are in a couples’ relationship right now or looking to attract a new couples relationship, I want to help you identify and transform the hidden patterns you bring to your couples relationship that triggers arguments, creates distance, and kills that emotional connection that you long for in your relationship. 

You deserve to find new love, grow a deeper connection with their partner, and feel more loved, cherished and nurtured in your relationship. By clearing those triggering patterns you can have a relationship that supports both you and your partner over the long-term. 

Know Your Money Type Teleclass

If you’re not experiencing the level of ease around money and finances that you desire, then it’s time for you to understand your Money Type.

This class is designed to help you:

  • Understand the different Money Types – their strengths and weaknesses,
  • Get Real Life Examples of How these Money Types result in the Karmic Patterns affecting you now,
  • Identify YOUR Money Type and how to work with it to clear karmic blocks around money, work, and embodying your own personal power.

Plus you’ll get Exciting details about my brand new Resonance Repatterning ® Distance Healing Proxy Group series Clear Your Money Karma!

The 8 Hidden Patterns Underlying Weight and Food Issues

Emotional eating, being overweight or underweight, binge eating, and other disorders are the physical manifestations of your underlying energy patterns.

•  Discover the 8 common patterns underlying your food and weight issues,

•  Learn how these hidden patterns impact your relationship with food and drive you to make unhealthy choices,

•  Receive profound insights about how these patterns play out in your other relationships – your relationship with yourself, your power, and with other people.

•  Take an in-depth look at what is involved in changing these patterns.

Once you change these hidden patterns you’ll naturally find yourself choosing to do those things that support your optimal weight. Maintaining a healthful diet and having the discipline to exercise are natural byproducts of changing your underlying patterns.  Get your free reports now!

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I participated in the Wealth Group. Two shifts occurred for me during this time.

The first was my worry about money issues stopped. I began to have a new perspective and to realize how much abundance is in my life already and to feel thankful. My financial situation did not change, but I felt SO much better! The worry had been taking a big toll on me, more than I realized. I feel so much more relaxed about money issues now.

In the beginning of June I received inspiration relating to work. I feel confident that this work will be fulfilling for me and financially rewarding as well. I am very grateful for Elizabeth’s dedicated work on behalf of our group. Holographic Repatterning is truly Oneness at work!

~ S.K., Kingston, MA

After just one session, Liz has convinced me of her ability to transform people’s lives. She helped me become aware of one of my weakest points that I wasn’t aware of. Right the same day of the session I started to notice positive changes both inside as outside of me. I find it much easier to set work aside, feel in control instead of being slave of my job and I think that, for the first time in my life, I’m really going to enjoy a holiday instead of keep thinking about work. I feel I can breath and relax.

Liz’s Resonance Repatterning is definitly one of the best tools I’ve come across and absolutely the best value for money ever. The result of this first session alone was worth the total fee of all the sessions together. Thanks a million, Liz. I just can’t wait to have the second session.

~ Dominique Van Echelpoel, Spain

My experience during the proxy group came as quite a surprise. Several weeks into the program, I was given a promotion and raise at work (my annual review was only 5 months ago and such action is very unusual at my company). Then, I came upon a means that will enable me to eliminate all my debt before the end of the year. And a few weeks later, I discovered an opportunity for a very lucrative part-time job to supplement my income.

Completely unimaginable in the past, owning a home and true financial freedom are now very real for me. I feel that all of these developments during the program are much more than coincidences and I look forward to experiencing quantum shifts in other areas of my life in future Holographic Repatterning programs!

~ A.S., Massachusetts

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